Suggested Order of Family Worship for Good Friday

If you are using the six candles as described in our Holy Week Reading Schedule, light one candle signifying the last day before Jesus was in the tomb.  At the end of the service, you will blow out the candle as a picture of Jesus’ death.  Saturday you will not light any candles illustrating that Jesus was in the tomb.  Then, on Sunday, you will light ALL the candles again, signifying that Jesus is ALIVE!

Please use the songs at the bottom of this page as a part of your worship.  These songs are from our New Life Hymns CDs which were produced by Craig Shuff, our former Worship Pastor, and Grace Coleman, our current Director of Music.  To download the music, simply right click on the song title and select “Save Link As…”.  Click here to download a PDF of the lyrics.

Start with Prayer
Ask the Lord to help all those in your gathering to be able to worship Him and focus on the love of Christ as He was crucified for our sins.  Ask the Lord to bless this time of reflection and worship.

Play and Sing Along
Play “Near the Cross” (see player at the bottom of this page)

Scripture Reading
Pick one of the gospels from the Holy Week Reading Schedule:

  • Matthew 27:1-61
  • Mark 15:1-47
  • Luke 23:1-56
  • John 18:28-19:42

Play and Sing Along
Play “Rock of Ages” (see player at the bottom of this page)

Message – Choose One of These Options:
Read – Charles Spurgeon: The Precious Blood of Christ (approximately 5 minutes)

Watch – Sermon by Pastor Coleman about how the veil in the Temple was torn when Jesus died (38 minutes)

Play and Sing Along
Play “It Is Well” (see player at the bottom of this page)

Closing Prayer
As you close, have each person present, who is willing, pray a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s grace in drawing you to Himself and saving you through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Thank you for celebrating Good Friday with us!

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