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The Kingdom-Minded Christian (Matthew 6:33)

Songs used in this service:
  • Come, Christians, Join to Sing
  • Draw Me Nearer
  • Just As I Am
  • The Gospel Was Promised
Taking Courage (Psalm 27)
The Kingdom-Minded Christian (Matthew 6:33)
God Will Build His Church (Acts 12:1-25)
Living for Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:14-15)
Looking To Jesus (Matthew 14:22-36)
Abigail’s Beauty and Women Like Her (1 Samuel 25:10-38)
Fighting Death with Death (2 Timothy 1:8-10)
What Has The Coronavirus Done for The Church?
Persevering in Relationships (Romans 12:9-21)
The Resurrection vs. The Coronavirus
Jesus’ Coronavirus Message (Matthew 21:1-11)
Longing for God’s People: A Prayer for the Socially Distant Church (1 Thessalonians 3:11-13)
How to Deal with Fear (2 Chronicles 20 + 32)
How to Come to Church (Luke 8:4-18)
Listen and Obey: The Testimony of Eric Spee (Mark 12:28-34)
Jesus Set Me Free (Interview with Dale Smith and Rob Caprera)
The Seeking Heart of God
Christ, The Lord’s Servant (Isaiah 42:1-9)
When the Time Had Fully Come (Galatians 4:4)
Glory Forevermore: Grace, Gospel, and Glory (Galatians 1:1-5)
The Humanity of Christ
Exalted – Part 2 (Philippians 2:9-11)
Biblical Creeds
He Emptied Himself (Philippians 2:5-8)
Give Me Some of That Red Stuff (Genesis 25:19-33)
A Friend That Sticks Closer Than a Brother
Summer Missions Refresh (Psalm 113:1-4)
We are At War, So Pray! (Ephesians 6:18-20)
Fatherhood and the Power of a Good Example
Are You At War? (Ephesians 6:10-12)
The Royal Sacrifice (Hebrews 10:12)
Fleeing From God–That’s Ridiculous (Jonah 1)
The Battle In the Wilderness: The Power of Christ for Temptation (Matthew 4:1-11)
Resurrection Power for Monday (Philippians 3:7-11)
Worthy Is the Risen King (Revelation 4-5)
Worthy Is the Lamb Who Was Slain (Revelation 5:12)
Preparing for Good Friday and the Lord’s Supper
Jesus is Worthy of Worship and Surrender (John 12 and Luke 19)
The Promise of all Promises (Matthew 28:20)
Jesus: God’s Absolute Yes (2 Corinthians 1:20)
The Story of Naaman: Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility
10 More Implications of Union with Christ
Six Implications of Union with Christ
Salvation in Full Color: In Christ – Christ In You (Part 2)