Sunday December 13th – livestream and in-person services.
Our worship services and Sunday School will be at their normal times.

Hello New Life:

We will meet Sunday on our normal schedule of two worship services and Sunday School.  We have something special planned so whether you are in-person or on our livestream we hope you will be with us!

We have waited until today to let you know our plan for Sunday as we were waiting for several people to be tested after a possible exposure last Sunday.  We have contacted everyone we believe was possibly exposed and have asked them to remain at home if they had close contact with someone who they believe was infected.

There is no doubt that there has been an increase in infections across the state and our county.  While there are always exceptions, indications are that most cases are not as severe as before and symptoms are mild if at all.  Everyone has to make their own determinations about their risk factors.  If you feel you are at risk of complications if infected then you should probably stay at home.  We are doing our best to protect everyone (masks, hand washing stations, no physical contact, etc.) but our efforts are obviously not foolproof and you could come in contact with someone at church who does not know they are infected.

Of course, we ask you to come only if you are healthy and have no symptoms that could possibly be COVID-19.

For those who do feel the freedom to come in-person then come with anticipation and joy, praying for those who can’t be there.  Let us remember each other every day in care and concern – praying and ministering in Jesus’ name.

So whether you are in-person or online it’s going to be a great Sunday as we worship the Christ of Christmas!

Pastor and the elders

Page updated on December 11, 2020

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