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Dear Church,
We have now been at this church-by-livestream for six Sundays, and while we miss seeing everyone, I could not be more pleased with how well it’s gone.  Of course, being together is the goal and meeting otherwise is not to be a new normal but all things considered God has been kind to us in this time.  Here are several things to make you aware of:

Something Coming
This Sunday I will be sharing some very good news with you on a couple of fronts.  I will wait until then and won’t spoil it now, but suffice it to say you don’t want to miss this!  And, to put it in context, we were going to make this very special announcement on the Sunday we stopped meeting (March 15th) but chose to wait to see what would happen with the Coronavirus (and no, we are not saying good-bye to anyone!).  Now that things have settled down and we know more about our situation, we feel it’s the right time to share this exciting information with you.  Also, as you can imagine, this is just one of many things that we had planned for this season that we had to postpone, so we are glad to move forward on this one.

Well, I have hopefully created some anticipation for you.  And that’s a good thing!  We always need to anticipate our time together whether there is something new or not.  Worshiping the Living God and hearing from His Word is always something to look forward to!

When Will We Be Together Again?
This is the question that is on all of our minds, and the answer is that we do not know yet.  But one thing that is pretty clear is that we probably will not be suddenly all together again on the first Sunday back.  Our guess is that this will happen in stages of comfortability with meeting together.  We want to ensure everyone’s safety, but also not delay unnecessarily in meeting again.  We may have to leave our livestream open during this time until everyone is able to come in person to the building.  We will obviously keep you updated promptly as we get more information.

Similarly, many things are still a question mark like VBS, Summer Mission Trips, VBC, access to Fred Hunters, etc.  So we will “wait for the Lord” (Psalm 27).

8:28 Initiative
Great or small, share them all!  Remember to share with us your testimonies of how God is working things out for your good during this time of unusual life experiences.  Where do you see God at work in your life?  How has He gotten your attention?  What good do you see as a result of this disruption?  Please share your Romans 8:28 stories via email by sending them to

May the Lord continue to give us grace in these days as we look to Him for everything we need.

His protection and peace,
Pastor and the elders

Page updated April 24, 2020
COVID-19 Update

There will not be any regularly scheduled services for a time.  For the latest information on our response to COVID-19, click here.  To watch our Sunday Morning service live, click the button below.  To fill out our online response/prayer request form, click here.

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