During the week from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday, pick a gospel and read that account according to the schedule below.  We encourage you to stick with one gospel account for the sake of continuity.  For example, if you read John’s account on Palm Sunday, continue to read John’s account throughout the rest of the week.  Let us celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus through reading the story of His passion.

Arrange six candles in the form of a cross.  As you read, start on Palm Sunday with all the candles lit.  If you can, enjoy a candle light dinner before you read.  At the end of the reading time, extinguish the center candle and pray.  The following day, do not light the center candle.  At the end of that day’s reading, extinguish a second candle working from the center outward.  Repeat the process each day until Friday when only one candle is lit and then extinguished after the reading.  Saturday’s reading should be nearly in the dark symbolizing Jesus in the tomb.  Finally, on Sunday relight all the candles in celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection!

Palm Sunday
Matthew 21:1-17
Mark 11:1-19
Luke 19:28-46
John 12:12-50

Matthew 21:18-22:40
Mark 11:20-12:12
Luke 19:47-20:26
John 13:1-14:14

Matthew 22:41-23:39
Mark 12:13-13:2
Luke 20:27-21:4
John 14:15-16:16

Matthew 24:1-26:16
Mark 13:3-14:11
Luke 21:4-22:6
John 16:17-17:26

Matthew 26:17-75
Mark 14:12-72
Luke 22:7-71
John 18:1-27

Good Friday
Matthew 27:1-61
Mark 15:1-47
Luke 23:1-56
John 18:28-19:42

Matthew 27:62-66

Resurrection Sunday
Matthew 28:1-20
Mark 16:1-8
Luke 24:1-53
John 20:1-21:25

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